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  • 257 Works


Title Composer Instrumentation
La Mandoline (Grande Fantaisie) Elias Parish-Alvars Harp solo
La Ronde des Dames d'autrefois Yvonne Toussaint Harp solo
Land of Lost Content Delyth Jenkins Harp solo
Lapkon's Spinning Wheel Lauren Scott Harp solo
Largo from the Four Seasons Antonio Vivaldi Harp solo
LaRosa Enflorece trad Ladino arr. Staneslow Harp solo
Le Jardin des Paons Bernard Andres Harp Duo
Le Rouet Alphonse Hasselmans Harp solo
Les Oiseaux Chausson Ernest Harp and Flute
Libellenflug (The Dragonfly) Monika Stadler Harp solo
Liquid Shadows Yolanda Kondonassis Harp solo
Llawenydd Delyth Jenkins Harp solo
Llwytgoed trad arr. Jenkins Harp solo
Loftus Jones Turlough O'Carolan Harp solo
Love Story Francis Lai Harp solo
Lullaby Paul Mitchell-Davidson Harp and Tenor Saxophone
Mambo Bernard Andres Harp solo, Harp solo with optional percussion
Mambo Bernard Andres Harp solo, Harp solo with optional percussion
March (The Nutcracker) P. Tchaikovsky Harp solo
Meditation Felix Mendelssohn Harp solo
Melisande Mel Bonis Harp Duo
Menuet Mel Bonis Harp solo
Mil Harddach Wyt trad arr. Jenkins Harp solo
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... Fiona Rutherford Harp solo
Mon Delyth Jenkins Harp solo
Mortal Quiche Jakez Francois Harp solo
Mother's Delight Delyth Jenkins Harp solo
Mountain Rapids Louise Trotter Harp solo
Mynydd y Heliwr Stephen P. Rees Harp solo
Naiades Fantasy-Sonata William Alwyn Harp and Flute
Narthex Bernard Andres Harp and Flute
Nature Boy Ahbez Eden Harp solo
Nocturne David Watkins Harp solo
Nocturne Lili Boulanger Harp and Violin, Harp and Viola
Nocturne "Solitude" M. Glinka Harp solo
Norfolk Idyll Paul Lewis Harp and Flute
Notturno O. Respighi Harp solo
Nyth Y Gog Delyth Jenkins Harp solo
O'r Diwedd Delyth Jenkins Harp solo
On the Way to Cesarea D. Zehavi Harp solo
Onde Kirsten Agresta Copely Harp solo
Owen's Jig trad arr. Jenkins Harp solo
Paper Dragon Stewart Green Harp solo
Paquito Andy Scott Harp and Flute
Parvis Bernard Andres Harp Duo
Passacaglia G.F. Handel Harp solo
Passacaille J. Bosch Harp and Violin
Pizzicato (Sylvia) Leo Delibes Harp solo
Plainte Louis de Caix d'Hervelois Harp and Cello
Pour les huit doigts Jean-Michel Damase Harp solo