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  • 257 Works


Title Composer Instrumentation
Dolly Gabriel Faure Harp, Violin, Cello
Don't Touch the Spinning Wheel Fiona Rutherford Harp solo
Dragonflies Fiona Clifton-Welker Harp Duo
Eleanor Plunkett Turlough O'Carolan Harp solo
Elegiac Trio Arnold Bax Harp, Flute, Viola
En Bateau Claude Debussy Harp solo
Entr'acte Jacques Ibert Harp and Flute, Harp and Violin
Entracte and Waltz (Eugene Onegin) P. Tchaikovsky Harp solo
Eriskay Love Lilt trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo
Etude No 2 Charles Bochsa Harp solo
Etude pour la main gauche Dewey Owens Harp solo
Everything Will be Alright Monika Stadler Harp solo
Fancy Free Stewart Green Harp solo
Fantaisie for Violin & Harp Camille Saint-Saens Harp and Violin
Fantasia No 2 in D Major Georg Philipp Telemann Harp solo
Fantasy Sonata Arnold Bax Harp and Viola
Feuilles d'Automne Alphonse Hasselmans Harp solo
Finger Puzzles and Shapes for the Harp Denise Grupp-Verbon Harp solo
Fire Dance David Watkins Harp solo
Five Finger Sock Blues Jakez Francois Harp solo
Garfalia trad Greek arr. Staneslow Harp solo
Gecko Dance Lauren Scott Harp solo
George Borrow Suite Delyth Jenkins Harp solo
Glan Meddwdod Mmyn Delyth Jenkins Harp solo
Glow Worm Ground Fiona Clifton-Welker Harp Duo
Gnossienne No. 1 Erik Satie Harp solo
Gnossienne No. 2 Erik Satie Harp solo
Gnossienne No. 3 Erik Satie Harp solo
Goldilocks and Her Beautiful Golden Locks Fiona Rutherford Harp solo
Gymnopedie No. 1 Erik Satie Harp solo
Habanera Lauren Scott Harp solo
Hal-an-Tow trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo
Hansel's Trail of Crumbs Fiona Rutherford Harp solo
Harp of Gold trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo
Head in the Clouds Stewart Green Harp solo
Hela'r Sgwarnog trad arr. Jenkins Harp solo
Hen Ferchetan trad arr. Jenkins Harp solo
Hir Pob Aros trad arr. Jenkins Harp solo
Holly Blue Stewart Green Harp solo
Household Glove Rag Jakez Francois Harp solo
Humoresque Josef Molnar Harp Duo
I Look at the Candle Monika Stadler Harp solo
Impression I Yvonne Toussaint Harp and Flute
Impression II Yvonne Toussaint Harp and Flute
Impression III Yvonne Toussaint Harp and Flute
Introduction and Allegro Maurice Ravel Harp, Flute, Clarinet, String Quartet
Kissing a Frog Fiona Rutherford Harp solo
L'Angelus Breton trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo
L'Eternel Reveur Marcel Tournier Harp solo
La Basse Bretonne trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo