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  • 257 Works


Title Composer Instrumentation
Song of the Welsh Hills Monika Stadler Harp solo
Song of the White Rhinos Fiona Clifton-Welker Harp Duo
Spider's Spinning Lesson Fiona Clifton-Welker Harp Duo
Spirit of Air Monika Stadler Harp solo
Suite en Duo Jean Cras Harp and Flute, Harp and Violin
Suite For Oboe And Harp William Alwyn Harp and Oboe
Suite from The Victorian Kitchen Garden Paul Reade Harp and Clarinet
Suite op. 6 Bruno Hilse Harp and Flute
Supercalifragiliexpialidocious R.M Sherman Harp solo
Susann's Song Skaila Kanga Harp solo
Swallowtail Stewart Green Harp solo
Swan Song Stewart Green Harp solo
Sweet Horsefood Ballad Jakez Francois Harp solo
Sylvia's Song Skaila Kanga Harp solo
Take a Break Monika Stadler Harp solo
Tall Cactus Tango Louise Trotter Harp solo
Tango del Pasado Monika Stadler Harp solo
Thankful Monika Stadler Harp solo
The Ash Grove trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo
The Ballroom Dance Fiona Rutherford Harp solo
The Banks of the Suir trad arr. Staneslow Harp solo
The Christ Child's Lullaby trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo
The Cockle-Gatherer trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo
The First Flight of Spring Lauren Scott Harp solo
The Genie of the Lamp Fiona Rutherford Harp solo
The Lark in the Clear Air trad arr. Kanga Harp solo
The Lilac Flower Hirsch Nurit Harp solo
The Little Shepherd Claude Debussy Harp solo
The Old Woman's Reel trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo
The Pink Coyote Louise Trotter Harp solo
The Sheep under the Snow trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo
The Three Bears Fiona Rutherford Harp solo
The Tobacco Box A. Liadov Harp solo
The Ugly Sisters Fiona Rutherford Harp solo
The Young Prince and the Young Princess (Scheherezade) Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Harp solo
Tibetische Gebetsmuhle (The Prayer Wheel) Monika Stadler Harp solo
To Make You Feel My Love Bob Dylan Harp solo
Tommy's Song Skaila Kanga Harp solo
Trio Harald Genzmer Harp, Flute, Viola
Troika Kirsten Agresta Copely Harp solo
Tune from County Derry trad arr. Stevenson Harp solo
Valse favorite W.A. Mozart Harp solo
Valse Lent (Coppelia) Leo Delibes Harp solo
Valse romantique Claude Debussy Harp solo
Valse triste Bernard Galais Harp and Flute
Voyage John Corigliano Harp and Flute
Voyage au Pays du Tendre Gabriel Pierné Harp, Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello
Walts Trefforest Delyth Jenkins Harp solo
Waltz A. Griboedov Harp solo
Waltz from Aurora's Wedding (The Sleeping Beauty) P. Tchaikovsky Harp solo